How To Take Part

  1. Check the date and register for the next session.

  2. To cover video conferencing and Musical Director (MD) costs, there is a small charge to take part. This is equivalent to about £1 per session. Make payment here.

  3. Once registered, you will be emailed links for that month giving you access to the all the events.

  4. If you are using a desktop or laptop, you will need to download the video software called Zoom in advance - it's free. It is available here. This is the best option as you get to see all singers on the one screen. Something we encourage. If you don't have access to a laptop or computer, you can use a phone or a device such as an iPad. You will need to download the Zoom app - again, it is free. iPhone link here, Android phones here.
    It is advised you download the necessary software and apps in plenty of time prior to the event.

  5. When you join the session, you will be able to see/hear our MD, Daria who will take you through the song, bit by bit. You will also see the other singers. This is a really important part of The Virtual Harmoneers as it helps everyone feel more connected. But don't worry if you'd rather just watch, that's fine. 

  6. If possible, it's fun to share the final performance with other people. Perhaps you could phone a friend and sing down the line to them? Or invite other people in your house or neighbourhood to join in? Or just sing really loudly for the neighbours to enjoy?

  7. Spread the love! If you feel comfortable, take a photo or short video of your performance and share using the hashtag #thevirtualharmoneers

  8. Enjoy yourselves. let yourself go. Feel the joy and warmth of what singing can bring, especially in these worrying times.

Our Virtual Songs