Recording Studio Details

Below are the timings for each section. These have been carefully worked out by both Gighouse Recording Studio and I so we can successfully finish two tracks in one day. Please stick to these and don’t be late, otherwise you will set back others. Can I suggest you arrive at least 15 minutes earlier (just in case). I have emailed the studio’s driving instructions to you as well as my own (labelled 1,2,3 in the attachments) which will hopefully help you find it. Please plan your route and give yourself enough time as finding the recording studio is not easy. FYI my number is 07881 92255. Please save this in case you need to speak to me on the day.

09:45 – arrival and set up of the Altos (this section is a little longer to get the right levels)

10:45 - recording of the Altos

12:30 – Lunch break

12:45 – arrival of the Baritones

13:15 – recording of the Baritones

14:00 – arrival of the Sopranos

14:15 – recording of the Sopranos

16:00 – begin mixing (we don’t need to be here for this)

Once your part has been recorded, there is no need to stick around.

It is important that the next few weeks, we absolutely nail our individual parts and give Cate full attention so she can help us.

John (the farmer) has kindly opened up his field for us, so there will be plenty of parking on the day. The recording studio itself is fairly small, so for those arriving there is a separate barn with sofas where you can chill and wait. Obviously, please bring any food and plenty of water whilst you’re on site.

Once this is over, I don’t know about you, but can’t wait to tackle some new material. Having discussed with Cate our new songs, they’re going to be great.