Why I Joined A Choir in Leamington Spa

So, you're thinking of joining a choir in Leamington Spa? Nervous, excited, don't know if you will fit in or whether or not you have a good voice?

Don't let any of the above put you off! It is one of the best things I did and I haven't a good voice :) I look forward to every Monday evening, meeting up with friends, trying new songs under the supervision of a professional vocal coach and MD (Musical Director) and at the end of it all, hearing us all sing as a collective and sounding amazing. As one member said to me "it's my Monday fix".

The Harmoneers specialise in singing famous rock and pop songs. Our MD is particularly good at selecting the right ones for us. I know she tries to select ones that we can challenge ourselves at, resulting in most cases, a unique sound and arrangement. It's quite refreshing hearing the song sung different to what you know. Knowing that you have contributed to the end result, giving it The Harmoneers 'twist' gives you an enormous sense of satisfaction and enjoyment.

I enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and having a laugh, you can't help yourself. The amount of mistakes you make when learning, you have to. Remember, we're not professionals; just a bunch of amateurs who sound remarkably good if I say so myself.

We now have a core group of around 30 regular members with new people turning up all the time. Every single one of them has not regretted been part of The Harmoneers.

So c'mon, what are you waiting for.