It's all about the acoustics

We love singing at our regular venue The Cubbington Social Club. We have been singing there for about 2 years now. They look after us extremely well and are very accommodating. We have struck gold with them and we thank them for hospitality.

Every year, two Mondays in September and one in October, they host a darts tournament. The darts organisers have used the social club for several years to host their event; so, at this particular time of year we have to look for a temporary venue location.

Last year we used Cubbington Pavilion and although it suited us then, we have grown a lot since then. This year we are at Dale Street Methodist Church where there will be a number of rooms available to us to rehearse in. We're all particularly excited about this. As you can appreciate, as it's a church, the acoustics are amazing and it fantastic to hear our voices resonate around the room and here each other clearly. It really shows us how far we have come and we are (I think) a great community choir.